My Bucket List Includes Helping You Check Off Yours.

Paros, Greece

Cabo, Mexico

Mallorca, Spain



Paris, France

Porto, Portugal

Positano, Italy

just beginning.

That’s when Mindfree Travel was born, and now, our itinerary together is

My love of travel started started at a young age. After immigrating to the U.S., my uncle took us on trips all over the country, and I felt like I could never get enough exploring.

Fast forward to 2014, my passion for travel grew stronger when I visited Cancun for spring break and then backpacked across Europe for five weeks that summer. When we booked the trips, I couldn’t stop thinking about the details. I wanted to make sure we didn’t miss a thing. From the hotels, to the sites, and everything in between, I was hooked.

After that year, international travel became an annual “to-do” for me. I planned trips for my friends, family, and myself, one after the other. I loved the thrill of curating the perfect itinerary and finding good deals on flights and hotels along the way. I made travel SO mind-free and simple for everyone, yet the thought never crossed my mind that it could be my career until 2021 when I stumbled upon a course in travel planning and took the leap of faith.

Hi, I'm Mary!

Meet your planner

Planning a trip can go from saving and sharing dream travel inspiration to a logistical nightmare in seconds. Coordinating flights, transfers, hotel stays, restaurant reservations, and activities shouldn’t be stressful, it should be mindfree.

As a luxury travel planner, it is my mission to ensure your trip is everything you imagined (and more!).

Bora Bora or Maldives

what is your dream destination still on your bucketlist?

Sleep. I somehow always fall asleep and manage to wake up when the food comes


Porto! I didn't expect to love it as much as I did

what city surprised you the most?

my Beis luggage and backpack

what is your essential travel item?

group travel


Tropical destinations, but I do love coastal towns!

do you prefer beach or city vacation?




cinque terre

favorite escapes

Booking Your Vacation Is a Big Deal. Planning It Doesn’t Have to Be.

From full-scale planning services and curated group trips to just the accommodations, I ensure you have the experience you’ve been dreaming about minus the thought-consuming, time-consuming, planning part.

As an experienced luxury travel advisor, I’m here to make traveling as simple as packing your bags and boarding the plane.

In charge of your bestie's bachelorette? Looking for must-have items for your next trip? I’ve curated some of my favorite travel things that will become your favorites too!

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